Erotic massages in Prague

Nuru massage


Nuru massage has become number one hit. If you're interested in trying this wonderful massage,



Tantra massage is a really erotic experience. Your whole body gets covered in a special kind of oil...

erotic massage


Sweet cats massage performed by our masseuses is a unique massage stimulating your sexual potential

adult entertainment


S&C company offers you additional entertainment services! We will be happy if you spend your time with us!

Our massage – erotic whirlwind of pleasure and more than that…

There are proven benefits of such massages that can be attested to by anyone who has tried one. It goes far beyond simple physical and sexual release. Well performed, it even has the potential to heal psychic complexes, let you come to terms with your own sexuality and boost your confidence for the future.

Before making an order, keep in mind these additional benefits:

Each of our massages can be performed not by one, but by two girls at once, therefore doubling your pleasure! Be sure not to let this opportunity slide!

Our masseuses

More details about types of erotic massages you can expect in our parlour

Each of the following has its own unique flavour and each comes with its own sets of benefits. You can pick either:



As the title suggests, you may expect traditional massage techniques, developed to provide maximum relief to sore muscles. Your erogenous zones will not go unnoticed.



Also known as “body to body”. Originating from Japan, this procedure uses a special Nuru gel that magnifies every touch. You will come into contact with a whole naked body of our masseuse, so expect a happy ending…



Relies on the Indian tradition of mystical eroticism and tends to the whole of your body. Strong erotic charge is just a tip of the iceberg – tantra is mostly a deeply spiritual experience of close contact between the masseuse and you.



Aka shortened tantra. It pays the most attention to the erogenous zones (mostly penis and vagina) instead of the whole body.



If you’re aroused by a harsher treatment, you may choose this one and let yourself be dominated by our masseuse dressed according to your wishes.



Hawaiian “gentle hands” massage, utilizing primarily the hands, elbows and forearms. Though traditionally not an erotic procedure, we’re happy to take your experience in this direction.



Our speciality. If you’re feeling particularly hedonistic, pick this one. Two or three girls will perform a lesbi show for you in addition to a regular massage. You will also be treated with a bottle of champagne.


Everyone can benefit from our massages. Feeling tired, stressed, worried and unfulfilled? We can help! And if you’d like to return more often, we can even offer you a discount on every 3rd visit!



Enjoy Czech erotic massages with an added value

We offer you the possibility to enjoy more extra services to boost your pleasure from each massage. These include:


Our erotic masseuses and masseurs who may visit you at your place and even stay a bit longer

You don’t have to visit our erotic Prague parlour personally. Thanks to our escort service, you can now stay in the comfort of your home or in a hotel room while we visit you ourselves. Full range of our massages and extra services, except the Sweet cats, are available to you via escort.


Did you take a liking in one of our masseuses or masseurs so much that you do not want to part just yet? Or do you want to get to know them better beforehand?
Or do you want to know them better before embarking on your erotic massage in Prague?

Try some of our further additional services:



Our staff may accompany you on a party, pose as your girlfriend/boyfriend or give you a tour of Prague and other selected destinations in the Czech Republic for a minimum of 3 hours.



Would you fancy the view of some lesbian action while imbibing some high quality alcohol? Pick this extra service and enjoy!


Incredible range of massages and extra services are sure to please even the most demanding of customers! Try some! Should you visit us during happy hours between 10AM-3PM, you can get a discount on selected massages…