Nuru massage in Prague

During the latest decades, this Japanese erotic procedure has become famous worldwide. If you wish to try a nuru massage yourselves, you don’t have to fly to Tokyo – our salon can provide you with the full experience!

  • One of, if not the most sensually riveting erotic massage
  • Special nuru gel being used to amplify every touch
  • Direct body to body contact
  • Intense orgasmic states
  • Emotionally liberating experience


Get your taste of the exotic. Get your deep erotic satisfaction. Get your pass to the stress-free world – get your nuru massage!

A real Japanese nuru massage in a nutshell

In its current form, nuru has surfaced in Japan the second half of the 20th century, though its roots probably stretch back centuries. The word nuru means “slippery”. A special slippery gel made out of seaweed is used to ease mutual contact – hence the name. As you might know, this procedure is engaging the whole body and also counts among the most difficult massages to perform. After covering you in the aforementioned gel from head to toe and a brief stimulation by hand, the masseuse will gently climb on you and start sliding up and down your body. In this way, combined with skilful strokes and touches, she slowly starts building the tension up to an intensive climax.


Why should you give this Japanese slippery massage a try?

The Japanese are known for their longevity, healthy food… and also a tradition of eroticism which has been elevated to an art. Nuru is now a rightful part of it precisely because, far from being just a way to reach an orgasm and be done with it, it has a cleansing, almost ritual quality to it. Indeed the sexual satisfaction is just the tip of an iceberg – nuru is capable of granting an immense psychological relief, wash away stress, negativity and untangle psychological complexes pertaining to your own sexuality and body image. In short, it is a therapeutic experience more than anything else.


This is how the first moments at our body to body nuru massage place will transpire

If this is your first time getting an erotic massage, our first tip would be to approach it without any trepidation. We’ll take care of everything from beginning to end. You are here to be serviced and cared for. So don’t worry!

After you enter our parlour and after an initial greeting, you will be asked to take a shower – it is important a good hygiene is maintained at all times in a business like this. If you wish, your masseuse may go into the shower together with you. After that, the real fun will start!


Keep in mind that we’re also able to provide the full experience in the comfort of your home. Just order an escort service and you may enjoy your nuru anywhere in the capital – we’ll come and visit you anytime, any day.

Your Asian massage HE (happy ending) is drawing close, but there’s no rushing it

  • When your shower is over, you get to lie on your stomach on a special massaging bed and undergo and receive a gentle rubdown of your back and shoulders. Then you’ll be asked to turn around and the same will be done to your belly and chest.
  • Then, the warm nuru gel comes into play. Your whole body will get covered in it, not only to ease the following body movement, but also to enhance every touch.
  • That which you came for finally starts – an intense body-to-body contact, gentle stroking, caressing and cuddling, the slow build-up of arousal, and finally an ecstatic happy ending!
  • It doesn’t end with an orgasm – there’s still an ample time to caress you, pet you and make you feel at ease.
  • After everything is over, you’ll take a final shower and go home, richer with new energy and positivity.


Get a discount on your exotic body slide massage!

Did you know that between 10AM and 3PM, there’s an opportunity to get a discount on your nuru massage? Any customer visiting during these hours is bound to save money. Also, for every three visits, there is an opportunity to get 20% knocked off the price of not just nuru, but any massage of your choosing.


Don’t hesitate to order your nuru massage today! You have everything to gain, ranging from wholesome erotic relief to a positive change in your approach to your own sexuality.

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