Nuru massage in Prague


Nuru massage or Body slide massage is the latest hit sweeping our country. In recent year, nuru massage has become number one choice in Prague. For those who seek newfound level of sensual stimulation, there is nothing like nuru massage.

Erotic Massage Prague performs nuru massage with a very special kind of gel called nuru gel. This word has its origin in Japanese and can be translated as „slippery“. Another explanation is that the name originates from the seaweed called nori used as ingredient. This gel is not cold and is thus very comfortable when applied on your skin.

We in Erotic Massage Prague begin the massage with warming the nuru gel. While we wait for the nuru gel to warm up, you will be offered assisted soapy shower. After enjoying a short „warmup massage“, you move to the bed covered with special PU sheet. When you get comfortable, Escort Service Prague begins the body slide. A wonderful slippery sensasion is created thanks to the odourless and tasteless gel. The masseuse slides her entire body across yours, which gives you sensual and relaxing fulfillment. Smooth skin on skin sliding is indescribably erotic and completely intimate. Nuru massage will leave you feeling incredible from head to toe.

In Erotic Massage Prague you can enjoy a warm assisted shower before and afterwards as a part of the experience. Nuru massage is available for both gendres and it’s even suitable for couples.


Body to body massage in Prague

Body to Body massage is a really erotic experience. Your whole body gets covered in a special kind of oil, which has no scent or aroma. Our extremely beautiful masseuses of Erotic Massage Prague apply this oil and prepare you for all the nice delights that follow. They use their naked bodies as well as expert hands and caress every inch of your body. They will press and glide against you, giving you a tease and coaxing you to a state of unknown euphoria.

Erotic Massage Prague focuses on all of your sensitive eogenous zones, providing you with a roller coaster ride of excitement. This massage is a playful mix of Swedish massage and body to body movements. It gets really provocative and daring. Luxury nuru massage of Erotic Massage Prague normally finishes by massaging your Lingam or Yoni and may aslso include a G-spot (or Prostate) massage.

You can enjoy a warm assisted shower before and afterwards as a part of the experience.