Tantra massage for women in Prague

Tantra massage for women by Erotic Massage Prague concentrates almost entirely on the Yoni (vagina). When you loosely translate this word is means „sacred space“ or preferably „sacred temple“. The famous G-spot can be found within your Yoni.

The G-spot stands for woman’s emotional sex center. This spot has upmost potential for pleasure and ectasy as well as carries physical and emotinal traumas from your past. In order to achieve the highest level of ecstasy, all buried energies and emotions of past traumas need to be removed and cleared with tantra massage of the G-spot. When they get released, the women is then able to express her natural and very powerful nature.

Orgasm is not really the purpose of tantra massage. Of course, it is a nice and welcomed side effect and when it does happen, the orgasm is more expanded, intense and even more satisfying.

Tantra massage by Erotic Massage Prague begins with a warm shower and continues with a luxurios slow and sensual body massage. Thanks to this procedure you will be relaxed and it will help us to connect on an intimate level and feel safe together. Erotic Massage Prague never hurries tantra massage and the space is guiet with only seductive music playing and with dim light from scented candles.