Sweet cats massage

Ordering our sweet cats massage will mark you as a true pleasure connoisseur. This erotic massage is available at our parlour exclusively and can’t be provided via an escort service. No good thing comes easy - you’ll have to come forward to meet it yourself!

  • Massage that has no equal
  • Intense lesbian show included
  • Bottle of champagne gratis
  • Four hand to even six hands treatment

While you can experience all our massages as 4-hand, during Sweet Cats, up to three ladies can work on you simultaneously. You won’t find anything like it elsewhere. The pleasure is indescribable – try it yourself.

No man can resist the allure…

Let’s admit it – a sexy lesbian spectacle is sure to elicit arousal even in avowed monks, let alone in simple men. If you wish to whip up your desire to the uppermost limit before proceeding to the actual massage, Sweet Cats is the right thing for you. Make yourself comfortable and watch our girls go about their pleasure business right before they turn their attention to you. There’s no better prelude to the actual procedure than this!


A bottle of champagne to grease things up

To make yourself more relaxed, we’ve taken the liberty to provide you with an additional bottle of champagne. Either drink it during the whole process, share it with the girls or save it for later – it’s up to you.


Once the girls turn to you, there’s no escaping the intense delight

Even the hottest lesbian show will run its course – after all, it’s you who should be the centre of attention here. And attention you’ll get, of that you can be sure. Once you find yourself in the deluge of gentle touches and strokes of four, or even six skilled hands, you won’t believe that such pleasure is even possible. Our masseuses can anticipate your every need and cater to it until the happy end – or multiple happy ends! After the final shower, you’ll leave us a born-again man.


Keep in mind our loyal customer discount – for every third massage you take with us, we’ll knock 20% off! Be sure to return more often!