Prostate massage in Prague

If you’re looking for some extra stimulation that will make your visit more memorable, you could do much worse than to order a prostate massage.



Trying a prostate massage will entice you to get some more

For many, a prostate massage is still a bit of a mystery. However, if given correctly, there are few physical pleasures that can exceed it. If you wish to safely try one, our trained professionals are here to guide you through the whole process up to peak pleasure.


We provide prostate stimulation as an extra service added to any regular massage in our offer. There is nothing to fear – if you’re interested, let us know and we’ll handle the rest. You won’t regret the delight!

Our masseuses

What should you expect?

Prostate stimulation is an advanced technique that may boost your standard genital massage. The masseuse will insert her finger into your anus and press it against your prostate gland found nearby. This organ is considered to be a male G-spot, rich in many nerve endings, and its stimulation is therefore extremely rewarding. An intense orgasm can be reached by this procedure alone without even touching the genitals – guaranteed, however, that you will be treated to both during your visit…


Is any special preparation needed?

Not really, but a proper hygiene is a must both on your and the masseuse’s part. After entering our parlour, you will undergo a shower during which it is advised to clean yourself thoroughly. It is also recommended that you empty your bowels beforehand. Those who are new to prostate stimulation often get an urge to urinate throughout, so it’s good to empty your bladder as well. The masseuse will be also very careful, use a lot of special lube and take every precaution to make sure everything goes smoothly.


Treating erectile dysfunction, improving urine flow, helping to treat prostatitis and an enlarged prostate – these are just some of the benefits of this procedure in addition to an intense pleasure. Order it as part of your massage!

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