Tantra massage in Prague

We can offer you a unique opportunity to experience a new form of bliss by undergoing our tantra massage. Don’t let it go to waste. This erotic massage is a unique procedure that draws on the rich history of Indian philosophical traditions and combines it with psychoanalytic insights and modern massaging techniques. Some of the positive impacts of this massage that go well over just immediate physical pleasure include:



Order the tantric massage right away and be surprised by the powerful impact it has on your wellbeing. Not just erotically releasing, but genuinely transforming for the better – there’s no reason not to try it!

See for yourself what tantra massage really is

And find out that it’s much more than just a bodily stimulation culminating in an orgasm. It is an elaborate ritual that, if performed correctly, touches the deepest levels of human intimacy and may as well change you for the better. It requires a deep commitment both by the masseuse and yourself, but the rewards are plentiful.


Wondering which massage? Tantra gives convincing reasons to choose it

It is a full body procedure, tending to sore and blocked muscles that will surely relax you. The erogenous zones are a vital parts of the body and special care is given to them as well, guaranteeing intense orgasms that may last minutes. Furthermore, you can cleanse your mind of accumulated sexual complexes, get rid of fear and shame relating to your body and come to accept yourself as you are. Ideally, you will leave us with a sense of physical and mental relief that will stay with you for a long time.


The best tantric massage is given by the one you like

Therefore it is important to pick a masseuse which “resonates” with you the most. While each one of our girls is beautiful and an absolute professional, choose not only on that basis, but also on the basis of personal sympathy. For tantra to be the most efficient, there has to be a good vibe and a feeling of loving care between the “giver” and the “taker” – the masseuse and you.


Deep and loving encounter of mutual respect and understanding. Our masseuses are non-judgemental and will help you to accept yourselves as you are. Tantra is a deeply healing procedure and you’d be wise not to underestimate it…


Experience our massage – tantric encounter that is sure to satisfy

Typically, the massage will be preceded by a warm, relaxing shower, after which you will be asked to lie down on a comfortable massaging bed and let the masseuse do her job. You may be quickly taught a few basic principles of correct deep breathing, meant to put you at further ease. The massage itself is very gentle, every touch is given lovingly and with respect and you may slowly enter into a kind of trance in which every worrying and negative emotions will dissipate. You’ll feel erotic energy building up inside you and may even reach intense orgasmic states that last for whole minutes. Even as they slowly dissipate, the feeling of being loved and cared for is bound to stay with you and transform you for the better.


You may choose a shortened version

For those in a hurry who have no time for the full tantric experience, we may offer a shortened version of it. The so-called Lingam and Yoni massages focus almost exclusively on the genital areas and are also able to provide a high-quality stimulation. Ideal choice for those short on time.


Enjoy yourselves at our Czech tantra salon or at home

We like to help you deepen your experience and have decorated the interior of our salon accordingly. Richly equipped, suggestively lit and pervaded by non-intrusive music, it is the perfect backdrop for you massage. However, you may wish not to visit us directly, in which case it’s possible to take advantage of our escort service so that you can enjoy the benefits of tantra at home.


Try our tantra massage between 10AM and 3PM and get yourselves a happy hour discount! What’s more, for every third visit, you may get 20% off on any massage!

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