Tantra spa in Prague

Visit our luxurious parlour that is able to provide you with an unforgettable tantra spa experience. Treat yourselves to an erotic massage with an exotic flavour and reap its many benefits, which include:



What is the tantra spa massage about?

The origins of tantra reach far back into ancient India, but the contemporary tantric massage also incorporates ideas of 20th century psychoanalysis and western massaging techniques. It is a carefully thought-through procedure that is calculated to bring about a wholesome relaxation for both body and mind and improve your overall wellbeing. A whole body massage, it utilizes some of the most refined techniques, gentle touches and deep breathing to bring about trance-like states and long intense orgasms while having a potential to deal with negative emotions and complexes that trouble you.


Witness for yourself the incredible healing powers of the tantra that far surpass the immediate orgasmic climaxes reached through it. Your time will be well spent - apply for it right away!

Our masseuses

Lingam spa for men

While tantra is a procedure that caters to the whole body, there is also a possibility to enjoy its shortened version. Lingam is an ancient Sanskrit symbol with many varied meanings. It is often connected with male divine cosmic energy and may also signify male genitalia. Lingam massage is therefore centred primarily on the penis. It is, however, more than sexual stimulation, and, just like the full experience, may bring about profound and positive emotive changes and transformations.


Yoni spa for Women

In today’s world of increasing workplace demands and stiff competition, women are put under the same pressure and stress as men and may find it hard to let go and relax. Yoni is the cosmic female counterpart of the Lingam and the same goes for this massage, which focuses on the female genitalia. The gentle hands of our masseur know exactly where to reach to unlock your pleasure potential. Lend yourself to him for a once in a lifetime experience.


Pick your masseuse or masseur with care

It is important to feel a harmonious connection to the one giving the massage. Personal sympathy will ensure the best results. The most powerful and long-lasting feeling during tantra is not the orgasm itself, but a sense of being given love, care and respect by the one you like. Therefore choose carefully.


If you hesitate between two masseuses, remember that your dilemma may be solved by choosing the four hands option. Your pleasure will be doubled – don’t hesitate!


How to prepare yourselves?

First of all – no worries. We’ll make sure you get the best experience, leave everything to us. Before the procedure itself, you will take a warm shower, after which the masseuse will teach you correct deep breathing techniques to calm you and deepen your senses. The massage itself is very gentle yet powerful, and huge amounts of erotic energy are being mobilized throughout it before culminating in long lasting ecstatic states. Guaranteed you will enjoy every second of it.


Escort service will cater to your needs at home

While our parlour presents a beautiful environment to receive erotic pleasure in, we keep in mind that it’s not always within your means to visit it. As part of our escort service, we can offer you the full tantra experience in the comfort of your home.


Too busy and short on time? We can offer you a shortened version of tantra in the form of the Lingam and Yoni massages. Try this concentrated essence of the full experience!

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