Erotic massages for women in Prague

High stress levels at work, an increased pressure to stay competitive and often a plenty of household duties waiting for you after work. Life is not always easy for a modern lady. Erotic massages for women may be a perfect way to release some of the accumulated pressure. And we can offer exactly that.


Our masseuses

Discover yourselves and your erotic potential by trying one of our massages! Not only is it a unique sensation, it also comes with many benefits to your overall wellbeing.

Get rid of prejudices concerning erotic massages for women

The popular attitude towards erotic massages places them firmly in the sphere of male entertainment. But there’s really nothing that would make them any less enjoyable for women as well. There are professional erotic masseurs doing the same job as the masseuses, and with the same results – cast off your prejudices and try this high-quality sensual procedure for yourselves!


Your erotic massage for ladies will be taken care of by those who know how to please you

Upon your visit, you’ll be introduced to your masseur who will be your guide to pleasure in the upcoming moments. We select our staff not just by their physical attractiveness, but also by their mastery of the craft and a friendly, helpful and non-judgemental attitude.

Choose one of our female erotic massages that suits you right



There’s no better way to start than with this one. Full-body treatment, supplemented with a vaginal stimulation to reach peak pleasure and relaxation.



A real treat. A crossover between a massage and a meditation, there are long-lasting benefits to be drawn from this one.



If you only wish for your erogenous zones to be stimulated instead, this simplified tantra is there to do just that.



It’s Japanese in origin. It features close body-to-body contact. It’s slippery thanks to the use of a particular seaweed gel. It’s extremely erotically satisfying.



If you enjoy subjugation scenarios, we’ll be happy to help you play it out – on whichever side of the submission / domination spectrum you want to be.



Utilising only the hands up to the elbows, this Hawaiian technique is capable of granting an immense relief to the whole body,



If you’re up for it, this one is performed by girls only. Two at once will perform a sensual show before including you in the fun. Bottle of champagne gratis just adds to the fun.

You’ll be in the right hands – strong yet gentle, firm yet caring. Hands that know how to please a woman. Don’t worry. Everything will turn out fine.

Care for some happy massages for women performed by four hands at once?

That’s right – you can enjoy everything from our offer as given by two professionals at once! You will be cared for either by two guys, or by a girl and a guy simultaneously.


Once they showcase what four hands can do, two will not be enough anymore for you!

There’s much more waiting for you at this happy ending spa for women!

Try some of the extras you can spice up your massage with. While lap dance and prostate massage are probably of little interest to you, you might still be intrigued by:

  • A FOOTJOB. Now, many women are attracted to nice-looking legs and feet as well. Some may want to take their attraction a step further. Here, they can.
  • LESBI SHOW. You don’t have to exactly be a lesbian to be aroused by a sight of two girls having some steamy fun. A fine prelude to an actual massage!

These erotic women massages come with a price cut

Coming to our place between 10AM and 3PM will get you a discount on tantra and nuru! There’s also a benefit to being a regular customer – for every three visits to our parlour, you get a 20% off on everything!

Select an escort option if you don’t feel like coming directly! Pick your massage and a masseur and give us a call or write us an email. Before you know it, we’ll be at your place with a whole load of delight! Available 24/7 all around Prague!

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