Erotic massages for men in Prague

Our salon is a luxurious haven for all the pleasure seekers with an erotic massage for men in mind. Within its walls, sensual adventurers can enjoy some of the most exquisite rubdowns by one of our sexy and skilled girls.

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Our masseuses

Erotic massages for men that you can enjoy anywhere

The full range of our offer of erotic massages is at your disposal to order as an escort service in case you don’t have the time or means to pay a direct visit to our parlour. The only exception to this rule is the Sweet cats – a unique procedure limited only to the premises of our establishment. Otherwise you’re free to take your pick and make an order directly to your home or a hotel room – our girl will be at your place in no time! Applies to Prague only. 24/7.

If you wish to undergo everything together with your wife or girlfriend, just say a word! We gladly cater to couples and are happy to spice up your relationship with some sexy fun!

Choose from penis massages that suit you the most


A perfect first-time choice. Deep, relaxing massage with a happy ending. Caters to the body as a whole – private parts included.



Exotic rubdown, combining principles of Indian philosophy and erotic tradition with modern physiotherapy. An intense experience, which will demand a degree of your cooperation – but with spectacular results.



Shorter and faster tantric massage, reduced mostly to penis stimulation.



Well-known and demanded Japanese technique, consisting of close body-to-body contact. Ample use of a unique seaweed gel that makes everything so much smoother.



Our girls are capable of harder approach for those who are interested. Enact your submission / dominance fantasies with their help!



Famous Hawaiian export, meaning “gentle hands” in translation. Gentle strokes and carefully applied pressure of elbows, palms, wrists, forearms and fingers that work towards your maximum satisfaction.



Limited only to our salon. You’ll be serviced by two girls at once, who’ll treat you to a lesbian show and a bottle of champagne before the real fun starts!

Increase your enjoyment by choosing two girls – or a girl / guy combination – to tend to you instead of just one! You’ll find the intensity of your satisfaction to be more than doubled!

However during our massages penis is not the only part that matters

And not the only part capable of providing an intense pleasure. There’s a fine opportunity for experimentation open to you, so why not take advantage of it? We’re offering you some extras to make your time spent with us so much more worthwhile!

  • PROSTATE MASSAGE - If you dare, try this stimulation of “male G-spot”! The results will be worth it!
  • LAP DANCE / PRIVATE DANCE - Our girl will showcase her dancing art in the most provocative way imaginable.
  • LESBI SHOW - The girls just want to have fun… Why not let them have it before they start focusing on you?
  • FOOTJOB - Lovers of beautiful women’s legs and feet, rejoice! A pair of these will be all yours for a while.
  • TENGA EGG - A very pleasurable masturbation toy that you both can play with to your liking.
  • FRENCH KISSING - Do you wish to make out with your masseuse? Nothing’s impossible here.
  • HIGH HEELS - Some sexy footwear in action here. Enjoy!

We’ll keep you company when you need it, and liven up your party!

We’re up for some fun anytime! If you wish to make your party more interesting, why not order a juicy lesbian show to go with it?


That will sure make for a surprising twist – entertain your guests with our help!

What’s more, our girl can act as your companion on a party or a social event. She can even be your guide and keep you company, not just around Prague, but also around other important cities and landmarks in the Czech Republic.

Impress your friends or colleagues with a beautiful, mysterious woman by your side! Take advantage of our companion service!

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