Erotic four hands massage in Prague

Nuru massage


Nuru massage has become number one hit. If you're interested in trying this wonderful massage,



Tantra massage is a really erotic experience. Your whole body gets covered in a special kind of oil...

erotic massage


Sweet cats massage performed by our masseuses is a unique massage stimulating your sexual potential

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We know it gets overwhelming sometimes – be it work demands, personal turmoil, bad news on front pages all the time… At our salon, there’s no room for either of these things. Here you can zone out, relax and know nothing but pleasure for a while. Our erotic four hands massage is here to help you achieve that. Each of our erotic massages is possible to do in its four hand variant!



No need to explain much further. The more hands that know what they’re doing, the more intense your delight.



In addition to erotic relief, we provide a wholesome treatment of the whole body. Say farewell to sore and stiff muscles and joints.



We’ll bring some fresh air into your sexual life, show you some interesting techniques and pump you up for more!



You might not even know what your body is capable of, what parts of it you don’t even notice that might bring pleasure! Perhaps you’ll come to view it in a new light and accept it some more!

Our masseuses

By choosing an erotic four hands massage, you’ve placed your bet rightly

While a simple two hand procedure is enough to satisfy almost everyone, there are those who demand an ever stronger stimulation. We’re well aware of that and offer this option to the most refined of pleasure seekers. You can’t go wrong by choosing it!


You just pick your four hands erotic massage – two women will take care of the rest

Not only for seasoned customers looking for some extra boost – even complete newcomers are welcome to jump right in and try our four hand treatment! Our girls will make sure you feel at home. Under the spell of their pleasant, understanding and outgoing personalities, your doubts, worries and anxieties will quickly dissipate. Leave all cares aside and let them show you what they can do.


We select our staff not only by their beautiful looks, but also by their personalities. You can be sure of friendly and professional treatment at all times!


Undecided which erotic 4 hands massage might suit you?

There’s no way you won’t find what you seek among these:

  1. CLASSIC EROTIC - Foolproof physiotherapeutic procedure spiced with more erotic elements.
  2. NURU - Slippery, body to body, exotic, arousing. A gem among erotic massages.
  3. TANTRIC - Feeling of genuine care and intimacy pervade this one. Trance – like and ecstatic.
  4. LINGAM / YONI - Simplified tantra, stimulating only the erogenous zones. For the busy ones.
  5. DOMINANCE - If you’ve been naughty, our hot mistresses will set you straight.
  6. LOMI LOMI - Extremely gentle and relaxing Hawaiian procedure.
  7. SWEET CATS - Lesbi show + champagne. Possible to order even as a six hand version!

There’s no massage like the four hand one – except the six hand one with champagne and hot lesbians. Try our Sweet Cats!


Undergo a four hands happy ending massage with your partner

We do massages for couples. Why not visit us both and lend yourself to the care of four masseuses at once? You may learn something that you’ll later put to good use together…


Plenty more to go together with your two girls erotic massage

If you wish to take your experience up a notch or two, there’s plenty to choose from our range of extra services – available only as part of a massage:


Enjoy your two ladies erotic massage wherever you wish

Not keen on visiting us straight away? You don’t have to – our escort service will make sure you get the same treatment right at your own home or in a hotel room all over Prague. The only exception to this rule is the Sweet cats – possible to get only at our parlour.


While ordering your two women erotic massage, be sure not to miss our benefits!



A well done erotic massage is so much more than just orgasm. It is even reported to help treat erectile dysfunction, help you with the way you perceive your body and boost your confidence. Don’t let it go to waste!