Naked girls in Prague

Nuru massage


Nuru massage has become number one hit. If you're interested in trying this wonderful massage,



Tantra massage is a really erotic experience. Your whole body gets covered in a special kind of oil...

erotic massage


Sweet cats massage performed by our masseuses is a unique massage stimulating your sexual potential

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S&C company offers you additional entertainment services! We will be happy if you spend your time with us!

Pleasure, warmth, comfort and erotic satisfaction – the naked girls that work at our salon can provide all of that and more. As if that wasn’t enough, there are other perks that should move you to book a visit with us!


A proper erotic massage is not only sexually riveting, but offers multiple health benefits as well – so don’t hesitate to give it a try!

Our masseuses

More than just naked girls – these ones have really mastered their trade

Of course, their physical beauty is a component you can’t really overlook, but there is so much more to our masseuses than that! Each one is a trained and skilled professional whose expertise – honed on hundreds of previous clients – you’re sure to admire. On top of that, there’s their amiable personalities and a genuine love for what they do that attracts their customers to return. Who knows, maybe you’ll fall under their spell as well!

Of course, we don’t employ just girls – just as they work hard to provide top erotic experience for men, so do our male masseurs work hard to do the same for women. Of course, they can join forces to grant you a simultaneous rubdown for couples.


Check out the services our nude girls can entertain you with

The opportunity to indulge in some of the most exquisite erotic massages lies before you! Be sure to try one of these:


More than just a muscle relief – expect some of that sweet erotic stimulation that is our trademark!



Magnificent, “body to body” Japanese procedure, which makes use of a pleasant, odourless gel to smoothen things up.



An exquisite, exotic rubdown, combining meditation, bodily relaxation and intense eroticism in one brilliant package.



This is a simplified tantric option – based on tantra, yet focusing primarily on the erogenous zones and their intensive stimulation.



A steamy roleplay, in which our girl will don the costume of your liking – be it a teacher, policewoman or anything else – and play a teasing domination game with you.



Meaning “gentle hands”. This Hawaiian techniques is all about the concerted effort of hands, elbows and forearms, working together to grant you nothing short of peak pleasure.



If it’s something special you want, this is it. You can look forward to being catered to by either two, or even three girls simultaneously! A bottle of champagne is provided on top of it all!

Feeling tired, stressed, worn out or exhausted? Then order one of our massages! Your relief will be almost instant!


With our girls, naked entertainment can take on a different shade…

You can add more flavour to each of the aforementioned rubdowns by ordering one of the following extra services! Our staff can pamper you with:


Order some naked women fun to your home or a hotel!

Sometimes the circumstances don’t permit you to pay us a direct visit – but don’t despair! Thankfully, you can take advantage of our escort service. Easy to book – just give us a call or write us to specify the time, place, therapist and a service of your choice. Then all you have to do is wait and look forward to the ringing of your doorbell! Available all over Prague and its close vicinity.


What’s more, we can offer even more than that – we can offer company! You can pay for one of our girls or guys to accompany you on a party, dinner or a social event. Additionally, our lesbi show as well can be ordered to entertain you or your friends and add some juice to your party or gathering!


Whatever you choose, you can be sure of the top quality service, delivered by true professionals! If you’re unsure as to what to pick, feel free to contact us and ask!