Happy ending in Prague

Nuru massage


Nuru massage has become number one hit. If you're interested in trying this wonderful massage,



Tantra massage is a really erotic experience. Your whole body gets covered in a special kind of oil...

erotic massage


Sweet cats massage performed by our masseuses is a unique massage stimulating your sexual potential

adult entertainment


S&C company offers you additional entertainment services! We will be happy if you spend your time with us!

Not all stories conclude with a happy ending. But that doesn’t apply to the visit to our salon. A wide range of exquisite erotic massages by sexy young girls who know how to please should be reason enough to pay us a visit, but if that doesn’t convince you, there’s more where that came from…

  • Happy hours & other discounts
  • 4 hands treatment available
  • Couples welcome
  • Multiple extra services
  • Additional entertainment services
  • Escort is possible


Out of the many ways to get an erotic satisfaction, our massages must count among the most exciting and refined! Treat your body to a deep physical relief and get some sexual release while you’re at it – make an order now!

Our masseuses

We can provide an ecstatic happy ending to both men and women

Don’t be mistaken – we’re not a male clientele only salon. Many women regularly come to seek our services and enjoy it no less than their counterparts! Our attractive masseurs will cater to them with the same skill and passion. Hundreds of stressed-out women went through their hands and the results were always commended and praised highly!

We also do couple massages, so don’t be shy and bring your significant other with you. The common experience can strengthen your relationship and who knows – maybe you can learn a few tricks that could come in handy later…


Feel free to take your pick from among the following massages:


A mix of relieving physiotherapy and intensive erotic stimulation that makes up for a holistic relaxation where no part of your body is left without due care.



If you like your massages to be a bit exotic and mysterious, pick this one. Meditative, wholesome, deeply relaxing and erotically satisfying like no other – you can’t go wrong with tantra.



Basically a tantric treatment of erogenous zones only. A shortened tantra for those who want to cut to the chase.



If you’re feeling adventurous, nuru may be the right choice. Expect a close contact with the masseuse’s naked body as she slides, grinds and rubs it against you…



You may be the type who likes it a bit spicier – we’re talking bondage, leather & whips. We’ll be glad to comply and make your wishes come to frutuion…



Kick back and relax as our therapist showcases this ancient Hawaiian art of “gentle hands” – complete with erotic stimulation on top!



Rare massage that’s specific to our salon only. Complete with a bottle of champagne and a lesbian performance.


One therapist is simply not enough? In that case, order two! Thanks to our 4-hand massage, you can more than double your pleasure as two girls (or a girl and a guy) work on you simultaneously!


Also don’t forget our extras you can “season” your experience with!

If you’re a true aficionado, you may not content yourselves with the regular thing… Should you wish to add another dimension to your massage, these extras may pique your interest:


We can deliver pleasure straight to your door

By ordering an outcall massage, you can skip the journey to our parlour and get your rubdown at the place of your choosing – be it your home, office or a hotel room – anywhere in Prague. Simple to book via a phone call or an email. A perfect option if you’re busy or fear being seen or compromised in some way. All massage except the Sweet cats are available as an escort option!


Are you interested in some additional entertainment?

How about a VIP companionship? One of our girls / guys that you fancy can act as your companion or a girlfriend / boyfriend for hire. What’s more, they can even serve as your tour guide around the important Prague and Czech Republic landmarks – for a minimum of 3 hours.

Wish to liven up your party? We can arrange for an unexpected lesbi show performance to surprise your friends! Do take advantage of this offer if you want to turn a bit boring celebration into something much spicier!



Erotic massages, extra services, companionship or top notch entertainment? Our parlour has it all! Make sure to pay us a visit – together we’ll figure out what would suit you the most!