Erotic massage for couples in Prague

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Tantra massage is a really erotic experience. Your whole body gets covered in a special kind of oil...

erotic massage


Sweet cats massage performed by our masseuses is a unique massage stimulating your sexual potential

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There’s a different way for couples to spend an evening together other than going to see a movie or having a romantic dinner. Though quite unorthodox, an erotic massage for couples could be a brilliant opportunity to strengthen you relationship!

  • Discover new boundaries of each other’s sexuality together
  • Learn a trick or two that you might use later…
  • Bask in a mutual pleasure and rekindle your passion


Our erotic massage for couples fully caters to your individual needs

We have a rich experience in catering to couples of different ages and personalities and thus know that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution for everybody. Each experience is specifically tailored to suit an individual couple, with rules and boundaries set in advance – what some may welcome, others may find distasteful.  Some people may find themselves feel jealous at the sight of their other half receiving pleasure. If your erotic massage happens to reach a point where you or your partner don’t feel comfortable, just let us know and we’ll stop.


We respect the clients’ wishes and always work to absolutely fulfil whatever expectations they set. You’re in good hands – literally!

Our masseuses

What exactly does your erotic massage for two entail?

Everything depends on the type of massage you’ll pick – more on that later. Either way, you’ll be warmly greeted at the reception of our parlour and acquainted with masseuses or masseurs in whose care you’ll be entrusted. Take note that you may choose everything on the spot or order it in advance. Before things proceed any further, please share with us your expectations and wishes so that we may adapt accordingly.

Once everything is set clear, an initial shower awaits you. You may enter it together with whoever will massage you to smooth the path a bit. After that, the real massage will start – you will both lay next to each other and be tended to by our professionals. As you receive your individual pleasure, you may also enjoy the sight of your partner receiving his / hers and being worked on to the point of ecstasy…


Pay attention not only to what you’re experiencing, but also to what your partner is. Perhaps you’ll find each other soft spots you had no idea about! Discover your sexuality together!



You may choose to bring your couple erotic massage to the finish yourself

Our professionals may work you up, but can also stop at the right point, leave you alone and let you conclude your massage yourselves in whichever way you see fit. Be it partner sex or anything else, you will be granted complete privacy to do what you please, should you wish! After that, everything will be finally brought to a close with a second shower. Hopefully you will return home with a newfound spark in your relationship!


Select an erotic couple massage that fits you best


A wholesome relaxing massage that leaves no part of the body untouched.



A body to body slippery Japanese treat. Intense orgasm is almost certain.



Refined procedure combining the best of eastern and western erotic approaches.



Where tantra focuses on the whole body, lingam and yoni apply the same techniques exclusively on the private parts.



For those with a penchant for submissiveness, this is the one to choose.



An exquisite concert of hands, elbows and forearms, guaranteeing an absolute relaxation.



Enjoy the sight of a raunchy lesbi show before the massage proper. Bottle of champagne is gratis!


Fancy a two person erotic massage, or should we make it four?

Typically, your rubdown will be performed by two girls or a girl and a guy – one tending to each. But you may opt for an even greater pleasure and let two professionals work on both you and your partner!


Don’t forget to take note of a wide array of extras meant to compliment your massage. Fancy a prostate massage, footjob or a private dance to be performed? The choice is yours.